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Annabel sees pregnancy and birth as a normal physiological process, she is able to provide the environment and facilitate so that you are able to feel safe, supported and empowered to give birth where and how you choose. She believes that for the vast majority of healthy women home is the safest place to give birth(Birth Place Study 2011).

Annabel will provide midwifery care for you at home. She carries all essential and emergency equipment for both you and your baby.  During the birth there will usually be another midwife present whom you will have met during the antenatal period.

If you choose to have your baby in hospital or a birth centre Annabel will attend you at home until the labour is established and then accompany you to the hospital as your advocate. She will remain with you giving you constant support and continuity.

In certain circumstances Annabel is able to provide midwifery care for you within NHS Hospitals.


Antenatal care with Annabel does not just consist of a quick clinical examination. Antenatal appointments are scheduled for 2 hours, at your convenience and it is your and your partner’s time to discuss emotions, anxieties and to learn about pregnancy and prepare for the birth, so that you can make evidence based informed choices. As well as monitoring the physical health of both you and your baby Annabel will become a trusted family friend who will be there to support you during every eventuality and with the choices you make. Evidence has shown that the quality of the relationship a woman develops with her Midwife, the better the outcomes for both Mum and baby. The aim of the care is for the Mother to experience pregnancy and birth as an empowering life enhancing event in order to facilitate a joyful and stress free transition to being parents. Annabel will prepare you and your partner for all eventualities during the birth so that you fully prepared.

Annabel has maintained links through her previous work for NHS Trusts in London and in the unlikely event that a doctor’s opinion was needed, is able to refer you, to a Consultant Obstetrician of your choice as well as accompany you to the hospital to give birth there, if that is your choice.

Annabel will visit you in your home initially on a daily basis to check that you and the baby are recovering from the birth both emotionally and physically, give support and reassurance and consistent breastfeeding advice.  She will monitor the growth of the baby regularly and perform the newborn spot test as required.

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